About First Eagle's Green Initiative

First Eagle Bank started its Green Initiative in March 2009.  The purpose of the Green Initiative is to educate and empower our employees, customers and communities to get involved in working toward a sustainable future.  The Green Initiative works with employees, customers, and within the communities that we serve though local government, schools and the Chambers of Commerce.

A volunteer Green Committee was established and initially focused on:

  • the use of office supplies within the bank
  • the amount of waste
  • recycling
  • communicating the Green message
  • Earth Day celebrations
  • saving energy
  • find a method of collecting Green Ideas from all employees

Since that initial meeting the following has been accomplished:

  • double recycling capacity at Hanover Park
  • reduced volume of regular trash by 50%, thereby reducing the pick up from twice per week to once per week
  • initiate recycling at West Loop
  • recycle toner cartridges
  • recycle batteries and light bulbs
  • "Green” messages appearing on Lake Street Sign
  • Supporting community recycling event
  • Working with SCARCE to earn Earth Flag
  • Hold Shred Day at both locations
  • Provide customers with reusable shopping bags
  • Recycle stations for office supplies
  • Weekly Earth Alert! Messages sent to all employees
  • Recycle holiday lights
  • save paper by:
    -think before printing
    -double sided printing
    -using paper one more time, for scrap!
    -Instituting a tag line on external email to “consider the environment before printing”
    -Hold employee contest for “Paper Saving Ideas”
    -Using confidential shredding service that recycles shred
  • Sponsor Poster Contest for local school district in conjunction with the Village of Hanover Park’s annual Recycling Extravaganza
  • Hold annual Earth Day celebrations
  • Upgrade HVAC for energy efficiency

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