Personal Loans

If you have unexpected expenses arise, or need help deciding the best financing options for personal purchases, call on First Eagle to help find the answers.

Auto Loans

In the market for a new car? Give First Eagle a ring before you buy and youíll shop smarter with all the information you need to compare our terms to dealer financing programs. We offer rates on new and used cars with fast approval. Call for more information.


Loans Against Investments

If you need cash quickly for a personal expense and have money invested in savings or certificates of deposit that you donít want to deplete, let us make you a loan against those accounts. You can choose the terms and the turnaround is very fast!


Credit Builder Loans

Good credit is a vital part of your financial health. No credit history? Are you looking to boost your credit score? First Eagleís Credit Builder Loan can help.The Credit Builder Loan is a combination low-interest loan and savings program that helps you establish a good payment history, an important step in building a higher credit score. You borrow from $250 to $2,500 for 12, 18 or 24 months. The money you borrow is placed in a Savings Account which earns interest. When you make your final loan payment, you can withdraw the money from the Savings Account, or you can leave it invested so it continues to grow. By the end of your 12, 18 or 24 month Credit Builder Loan, you should see an improved credit score (based on your payment history) and youíll have a jump start on savings. Please click on Credit Builder Loan Application for payment examples and APRs.

Credit Builder Loan Application