Looking up at the FEB lobby

Other Services

Visa Gift Cards

Need a quick gift? Purchase a Visa Gift Card. Cards can be loaded with a minimum of $10.00 and a maximum of $1,000.00. Choose from different designs to match any special occasion.

Coin Counter

Whether your children have a piggy bank full of pennies or you have been saving coins in a bottle for years, First Eagle has an on-site sorter available to run your loose coin during lobby hours. Stop by and you'll be surprised how those coins can add up.

Secretary of State Stickers

Renew your Illinois license plate sticker at First Eagle. Simply bring in your reorder form and payment. You will receive your new sticker on the spot. (Non-customers must pay in cash.)

Postage Stamps

And don't forget to pick up a 20-count package of Forever Stamps when you roll through our drive-up or walk in to visit our lobby tellers.

Real Estate Taxes

We can assist in paying DuPage County and Cook County real estate taxes via the internet. Just another way to save you time.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Sleep easy knowing that important documents and other valuables are protected in a First Eagle Safe Deposit Box.