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"We are passionate about giving back to the community. That says a lot about who we are."

Faruk Daudbasic
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending

"I've been with First Eagle Bank since 1991 and work with many customers who have been here since then. We work hard with our customers to build relationships. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Rose Wageman
Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer

"Our ability to respond quickly and decisively sets us apart from many other banks. Our customers value a relationship with a bank that they can count on."

Zachary Braun
Senior Vice President

"First Eagle can turn on a dime. Customers have access to real decision makers. So if we need to change course, we can do so quickly. That's good for us. That's great for our customers."

Patrick Kaveney
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

"We all have a voice — employees and customers alike. We track comments and suggestions for improvement and we review all of them with our management team. That makes us a better bank."

Christine Freund
Senior Vice President

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