First Eagle Bank and Southwest Organizing Project

Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) is a broad-based organization of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith institutions that improves Southwest Side neighborhoods block-by-block by rehabbing homes and deploying resources into the Southwest community. We’ve partnered with SWOP and Brinshore Development to bring financing to the areas that need it the most.

In an effort to revitalize the Southwest Side of Chicago, SWOP and Brinshore Development have partnered up to rehab nearly 70 homes in the communities that need it most. When the need arose for financing the newest phase of this project, First Eagle Bank was ready and eager to assist!

In January of 2020, FEB closed on a line of credit to SWOP and Brinshore which is being used to rehab three single-family homes and two 2-flats in the Gage Park and Chicago Lawn neighborhoods. Using these proceeds, SWOP’s and Brinshore Development’s work is helping to improve the homes, schools, safety and pride in the communities where they operate.

We’re grateful to Nick Brunnick, a member of our CDFI Advisory Board, for introducing FEB to SWOP and playing a crucial role in coordinating the LOC.

Outside of brick home
Outside of brick home

Outside of brick home with black metal fence
Outside of brick building with black metal fence