First Eagle Bank and Deborah's Place

The First Eagle Bank/Deborah’s Place relationship goes back many years. Rose Wageman served on their Board of Directors for several years and currently serves on the Board Emeritus and on the Finance and Audit Committee. Deborah’s Place has worked with over 4,000 women - delivering employment training, access to education, healthcare, case management, permanent, interim, and subsidized community-based housing. Nothing speaks to the importance of Deborah’s Place more than hearing from one of their residents!




February 10, 2022; will be my first full year here at Patty Crowley Apartments. I remember moving here on a Wednesday morning, February 10, 2021; from Breakthrough Women Shelter. All I had was a garbage bag with my things and a new-found hope. I was expecting to sleep on the floor because I had no money for furniture. I was just elated to finally have my own apartment, after many years of homelessness. When you opened my apartment door, I was so surprised and remember screaming oh my God! I saw my fully made bed, my refrigerator, microwave, dressers, table & chairs with plates and utensils. Then you told me Laundry is open twenty-four hours free wash & dry (No more dirty clothes).


I am so very grateful still one year later. It is a joy to have my home at Patty Crowley Apartments. Thank you for caring! If there is any volunteer work I can help with please let me know!



Mildred J.”