First Eagle Bank and DuPage Habitat for Humanity

First Eagle Bank prides itself on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with the organizations that work to give back to the communities that we serve. This holds especially true for DuPage Habitat for Humanity. FEB bolsters this relationship in two main capacities: volunteering and loan financing.
FEB currently has three staff members who engage regularly with DuPage Habitat: our CFO, Pat Kaveney, who serves on the Neighborhood Revitalization Steering Committee; our CRA Officer, Cathy Sanders, who works on both the Finance Committee and the Audit Sub-committee; and our Disbursement Officer, Lynn Haschak, who serves on the Family Selection Committee.
FEB is also able to provide substantial lending assistance. In May of 2018, FEB financed 4.2 acres of land for DuPage Habitat to construct 27 new town homes. This was followed by a letter of credit in March of 2019 which is used for the construction of the development’s infrastructure. We’re happy to announce that the first building, which consists of two townhomes, is complete and one of the homes has already been dedicated to a DuPage family.
Thank you to DuPage Habitat for Humanity for allowing us to be part of such a worthwhile cause!

Backhoe moving dirt
Outside of newly built home