Gene M. Khalimsky

Gene Khalimsky has been Vice President of Commercial Lending at First Eagle Bank for nearly a decade, overseeing a substantial commercial loan portfolio. His banking career commenced in 1996 with Bank of America, providing him with comprehensive experience across various banking domains, including branch management, consumer relations, personal banking, and commercial lending. Throughout his professional journey, he has held positions in national banks, served as Vice President of a Chicago De Novo Bank, and managed diverse commercial loan portfolios encompassing multifamily, C&I, and SBA loans at Wintrust.

Gene is distinguished for his fervor, adept communication skills, and innovative approach to deal-making. He takes immense pride in delivering unparalleled customer experiences—reaching out on weekends is never a challenge, as Gene is always accessible by phone.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Khalimsky finds solace in spending quality time on the water with his family, supporting his son's wrestling endeavors, and cherishing moments of his daughter's dance performances. He also actively engages in volunteering for various charitable causes. Gene holds a bachelor's degree in Finance/International Business from Elmhurst College and is proficient in both Russian and Ukrainian.